The image Boulders and Tree, Merced River, was made at one of my favorite Yosemite locations – a quiet stretch of the Merced River a short distance downstream from Yosemite Valley proper. This section of the Merced, known to locals as Steamboat Bay, is a place I have always found interesting and inspiring in the many years I have been exploring and photographing Yosemite.

Like many of my photographs, Boulders and Tree, Merced River, was made late in the day after the sun had dropped below the steep cliffs of the Merced River gorge. The soft, delicate light seemed to reveal an elegant sculptural quality to these massive granite boulders. I found an interesting contrast between the boulders and the small tree, which was adorned with fresh green leaves of spring. I used my 360mm Nikkor telephoto lens on my Linhof 4x5 for the one-minute exposure. A #11 green filter was used to lighten the single tree (which is a very large tree today!) from the dark oaks surrounding it. This image was included in my first book Quiet Light. This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of my well-known images from its final silver gelatin printing session.

When I complete the prints I need to make at this time, the negative will be retired for traditional silver printing, and will never again be printed in any size as a silver gelatin print.

This silver gelatin, selenium toned, print is approximately 13-1/4 x 10", personally printed by me (as are all my prints), processed to current archival standards, signed, mounted, and matted to 16x20" on 100 percent rag museum board.

All prints are carefully prepared and packaged in specially designed protective shipping boxes, and shipped fully insured via UPS ground.

Normally there is a long waiting period for John's original prints. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a print with a short waiting period.


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